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    Sandy McKnight

    i have a few things for sale: an acoustic b-100 bass amp, a behringer acoustic guitar amp with built in effects and p.a. (great for solo gigs), and an art and luthier acoustic guitar (in rough shape but plays well). maybe some other stuff…i’ll go look.

    Alan Monasch

    What is the model number of the behringer acoustic guitar amp, Sandy?

    Sandy McKnight

    ACX 1000

    Sandy McKnight

    The Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1000 2x60W Acoustic Amp represents a true milestone in acoustic guitar amps. It not only gives you incredible cutting power, ensuring that your acoustic-electric guitar will slice through any mix and hold its own with the loudest band, but it also features unusually flexible voicing options. The instrument channel is optimized for piezo-type pickups often found in guitars and other stringed instruments. It includes a great-sounding active 3-band EQ plus an attack control, especially useful for fingerpicking, and two feedback controls for fast, easy elimination of problem frequencies. Separate gain and volume controls offer additional tone-shaping flexibility, while the phase button with status LED allows quick correction of the phase problems often encountered with acoustic instruments.

    The second channel features a first-class mic preamp with a balanced XLR input and phantom power, a 1/4″ line-level input for a second instrument, and the same EQ section and feedback controls as Channel one. Instead of an attack control, Channel 2 sports a control for the enhancer circuit, which helps you get the best out of your vocal or instrument signal. Both channels share a tube-emulation circuit specially developed for the ACX1000 and featuring a warmth control that allows you to add tube-type harmonics at will. A vintage-style meter displays the amount of added warmth.

    The Ultracoustic also boasts a 24-bit stereo digital multi-effects unit with 24 algorithms that were painstakingly fine-tuned for acoustic guitar and vocals, including reverb, delay, rotary speaker, chorus, flanger, stereo panning, tremolo, and various effects combinations. Four of its 99 editable presets can be assigned to quick-access front-panel presets or footswitch selection. Last but not least, the ACX1000 offers a multitude of useful I/O options, including an adjustable stereo aux in with level control and mute function, a stereo tape I/O, a pre-effects insert per channel, and stereo post-effects insert in the master section. Plus it’s the only acoustic amp on the market with a MIDI interface that allows remote effects selection and automation. In addition to its road-proven build, quality, and first-class components such as a robust power supply for plenty of reserves and headroom, it features an active, temperature-controlled cooling system and includes a quad footswitch for effects switching.
    Stereo acoustic instrument combo with mic input and digital effects.

    60-watts-per-side RMS stereo amp
    2 – 8″ high-resolution speakers plus special HF driver
    2 channels with separate volume, 3-band EQ, and 2 feedback filters
    First-class mic preamp with balanced XLR input
    Tube emulator adds warmth and presence to instruments and vocals
    Stereo 24-bit multi-effects processor with 24 algorithms and 99 presets
    Parallel tuner output plus adjustable, mutable stereo aux in
    Channel and master inserts
    Stereo tape I/O
    MIDI interface for remote effects selection
    Includes quad footswitch for effects switching
    24″W x 17″H x 13″D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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