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    Shawn Maschino

    Hey all, I am trying to undo my musical hoarding and trim down the gear I’m hanging on to, so if anyone is interested in any of the gear listed below please send me a message on Facebook so we can work out the details. My profile link is here

    Almost all the gear has noticeable wear and tear from gigging but unless noted was last known to be in full working order. Any reasonable offers will be considered. I will test any gear people are seriously interested in and I can send pictures and/or videos of the gear in use if you’d like.

    Here is the list:

    Line 6 Vetta HD head, with digital upgrade board to bring it to Vetta II specs and functionality. With matching Line 6 4×12 stereo cabinet (150 watt max per side) and FBX floorboard for hands-free operation. The 4×12 cab has been customized to have built in LED light strips. I’d prefer to sell the head, speaker, and pedal together but may consider breaking them up.

    Line 6 Spider II 112, 1×12 75watt combo amp. This was a B-stock model that works well however it usually requires the power button to be turned on and off twice to power it on, and the volume knob is touchy and can go from quiet to loud with very little movement. It’s picky to get going but fine after that.

    Fender Ultra Chorus PR 204 2×12 130 watt stereo combo amp with foot pedal to switch from clear to dirty channels and turn chorus effect on and off.

    Eventide Eclipse V4 Harmonizer dual-engine effects processor model 1119. I picked this up from U2’s road crew, it was a backup unit for Bono’s signal chain from one of U2’s tours however it was never used, their main units never failed, and I have only used it a few times in a smoke-free recording studio environment.

    Hartke B300 30 watt combo bass amp.

    Crate GX-15 30 watt combo guitar amp

    Roland RS-5 64 voice synth/keyboard

    Marshall 4×10 speaker cabinet

    Small to medium venue PA rig with a Crown 900 watt (450 per channel, stereo) power amp, two Peavy floor wedge monitors, and 2 Yamaha mains. Monitors are rated for 350 watt and mains are rated for 400 watt. I’m pretty sure there is a bad tweeter or horn in one of the mains if I recall correctly, and the volume knob on one of the monitors could use a cleaning as it is scratchy and occasionally needs a tap after turning it for sound to come out.

    I also have a few other things I can’t get to at the moment, including a mixer or two for anyone interest in the PA/speakers who doesn’t have one. Once some of these items are off to good homes I’ll post some others.

    For those who are interested in anything I’d prefer to meet either at Allendale Shopping Center or the Berkshire Mall for equipment/payment exchange.

    Shawn Maschino

    I dug out a Line 6 POD multi-effects unit, version 2, with the long floorboard that has two expression pedals for independent volume and was control as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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