Petrichor Dalton, MA


Founded upon the values of collaboration and creative freedom, Petrichor has grown into a complex, unique band that is constantly evolving. With seven members in the band currently, they bring together many different playing styles and types of songwriting. Through the past four years, from the middle of high school to college, they have mixed their ideas to create 10 songs which they feel are a snapshot of their recent lives. Pulling from their developing philosophies during teenage years, and their ever-expanding musical tastes, ‘What We’ve Noticed’ does just that. It represents what they have noticed about the world so far, whether it pertains to personal experiences that lead to self-discovery, essential questions about life and humanity, or exploring their minds to find solace.

Petrichor recorded ‘What We’ve Noticed’ with Abe Guthrie, in Becket-Washington, Massachusetts. The process of writing all of the songs, completing recording sessions, mixing, mastering, and completing the album artwork took about four years altogether. The songwriting took about two years while all of the latter took an additional two years to complete. The culmination of all of this work has brought Petrichor their biggest moment yet: their album release party, with their largest crowd to date and the initial sales of their new album.

What really sets Petrichor apart from other bands is their line-up, and subsequently their sound. With three main vocalists (and other members singing occasionally), brass, woodwinds, as well as a solid rhythm section of: drums, bass, guitar, and keys, they bring a very full sound. Their horns and strong vocals on top of an ever changing groove keeps listeners on their toes and most of all allows Petrichor to experiment with endless possibilities of sounds. Part of their sound draws from their major influences which they’ve covered and wrote medleys from, including Tally Hall, Pink Floyd, and Coldplay.

Petrichor is continuing to write and hopes to continue their journey as a band indefinitely. They already have new songs written and have even more underway for a second album, hoping to be able to record within the next year. Until then, they hope to play as many live shows as possible and to spread their music to as far as they can.

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